On this beautiful location near the river Vlist and in harmony with nature and the seasons Bote and Kiki realised this Bed and Breakfast. The Droomgaerd is the place from which they travel frequently around the globe. Kiki is air hostess and creative brain. She likes to use the products from the vegetable garden to create beautiful and tasteful bites.
Bote is part time farmer, supervisory board member of various companies and financial advisor. Both share the love for the countryside and the possibility the Droomgaerd gives them to enjoy their passion for receiving visitors and let the visitors experience what Droomgaerd has to offer them.
Next to Bote and Kiki the seven children coming now and then, there are various animals kept with love and attention. There are Barnevelder chicken that under supervision of the cock arrange for the eggs and in spring time for the baby chicken.
Two kind of sheep (Hampshire Down and Quessant) and Dutch goat walking around in the orchard. Moan the grass and eat the fallen fruit.The rabbits, real Hollanders, are a bit shy but can easily be taken by the children and be chucked.
The parents with their son
Mrs. Maccie Bacon
Two small Gottinger pigs are living jointly in the barn. They stay relatively small but can grow real fat. The children can feed the pigs and if they are comfortable chuck them as well.
Mr. Rudi Bacon
Indonesian walking ducks
Our white ducks are Indonesian walking ducks. The have come from a far but they really like it very much to live in the meadows. We originally started with two ducks but by now we have around five of them. They are really cute and feel so much at home that they are sometimes a bit fearless, it0s a nice sight to see them walking around. Last the yearly returning visitors the swallows staying in the barn to lay eggs and grow their babies. If they are there we know summer is coming again.Hopefully you will enjoy your stay just as much as they do!
"We are hungry"
Morning gymnastics
When it is springtime again we see many lifes been born every day, the little lambs are born every year as well as the baby goats and the turkey lays her eggs frequently just like the ducks. Now and then the rabbits become parents as well and those small ones really like to be cuddled by other small human beings so that they grow up being used to human encounters.
Baby goats
Suske and Wiske

Suske and Wiske bring up the rear when it comes to the ‘Droomgaerd’ flock; they are impressive Flemisch giants who knibble a lot. Although they are huge they are very fast moving around and catching them is quite a challenge, you should try it sometimes……!