DROOMGAERD B.V. General terms and conditions 2014

Dear visitor, The Droomgaerd is an old reconstructed farmhouse. This creates a nice environment but also implies that visitors and guests must be aware of a few issues. In the premises there are several (small) staircases and in the barns the old floors are still there with various small height difference whereby it is easy to fall. Some carefulness is required! We stimulate the natural environment this results in an authentic view but also implies a lot of moss . Due to this it can be very slippery on a number of places. Specifically the wooden bielzen endure this. The area is surrounded by ditches with a natural, and due to this not so easily recognisable, difference between land and water. Children without (or recently obtained) swimming license should not walk around without parental supervision. We ask parents or supervisors to be well aware of this. The area is situated next to the West Vlisterdijk with on the other side of the road a piece of land including the landing stage for the canoe and rowing boat. During summer days you can also swim in the Vlist. The crossing, walking or biking of the road requires attention. There is traffic and some of the drivers will exceed the allowed maximum speed. Ensure that you take care of your children but also pay attention yourself. For the small visitors we have some playing tools like swings, sand box, and trampoline. Should your children be using the play tools keep an eye on them. The use of the trampoline by more than one person is a risk. We have several animals that are well used to people. Animals remain however animals and have their good and bad days. Unexpected moves, jumps, pushes or bites of an animal should be avoided. We specifically ask you to not leave young children alone with the animals. We take ultimate care for the food and the drinks we serve and aim to the highest possible quality. However we do not take the responsibility for the consequences of using our food and drinks. We are more than prepared to take into consideration various allergies or diets but our kitchen is not allergy proof. We consider, that if we took the required precautions, an event is a general risk that should be covered by the visitor/guest or his/her insurance. Within the farmhouse the general rules regarding attention are applicable with exception of the Opkamer. This is a very old room with a low ceiling. Please pay attention to the height of the ceiling and the small not so easy staircase leading to this authentic room! Move carefully and do not hurry. That is in the relaxing environment of our farmhouse also not necessary. With these precautions your stay will be a great success!


Article 1 Applicability
These conditions are applicable for everybody visiting or using the area of Droomgaerd, or its goods or the goods of one of the directors of Droomgaerd. Droomgaerd is Droomgaerd B.V., established in Vlist, KvK 28072863 and the directors are Bote de Vries, West Vlisterdijk 40, Vlist and Kirsten Beuker, renbaanstraat 68, The Hague and furthermore all other employees or support staff of the Droomgaerd. Price List refers to the latest on the internet site of the Droomgaerd published price overview.

Article 2 Best Effort
Droomgaerd will do its utmost  to make your stay very pleasant and you a happy user. Our aim is that you really enjoy your stay and will be coming back to us.

Article 3 Bookings
3.1 Times
You can book via a website, via email or by phone for one or more rooms,  the bikes, rowing boat and/or canoe. The following renting hours are applicable.
Arriving on your first day of stay we welcome you from 3 p.m.. Checking out is possible until 11 a.m..
For bike, boat and canoe rental, the following hours are: 
– for a full day the start time is 10 a.m. and the return time is 6 p.m..
– for the morning the start time is 10 a.m. and the return time is 2 p.m..
– for the afternoon the start time is 2 p.m. and the return time is 6 p.m.

3.2 Changes of bookings
A change or cancellation of a booking is possible without any fee until 7 days before the start time of the booking made. In case of a change or cancellation during these 7 days a cancellation fee of 50% of the amount indicated in the Price List is applicable. As soon as the booking time started the full amount is applicable.

Article 4 Use and Stay
We arrange that all rooms and the area of the Droomgaerd are clean, well maintained and well furnished.  We expect that our guests return the goods or rooms they used or stayed in the same condition as initially presented. Damage to goods of the Droomgaerd needs to be covered by the user against market price. Bikes, canoe, peddles, rowing boat etc are not insured so pay attention to these goods. In case of theft or damage we need to invoice the market price.

Article 5 Payments
5.1 Rent payments
The amount due is fixed based on the Price Overview of the Droomgaerd.  This amount needs to be paid ultimately at the start of the rent. Payments can be made via the bank account or in cash (pin use is not yet possible). The amount due needs to be received by us at the start of the use.

5.2 Mini Bar
The products used from the minibar need to be paid at departure in cash.

Article 6 Liabilities
6.1 Of the Droomgaerd
Droomgaerd is except in cases of wilful misconduct or gross negligence not liable for any damage, disease, harm and other bad events by the user and/or her /his belongings. The  visit of the Droomgaerd is for your own account and risk. This also applies for the use of the goods rented, the toy machines and the animals. The use of the canoe, rowing boat or swimming in the Vist is only allowed for experienced swimmers. For other users a life jacket is obligatory. Life jackets are include in the rent amount of the rowing boat or canoe.

6.2 To third parties
In case you harm third parties or damage goods of third parties by using the goods of Droomgaerd, you and/or your insurance company is required to compensate the damage and acceptable terms for the third party. Furthermore you are required to safeguard Dromgaerd, its directors and employees for possible claims.

Article 7 Acts of God
Our aim is to deliver under a reservation made. However if in case of an act of God we are not able to fulfil a reservation, the user is not required to pay the rent but Droomgaerd is not required to pay any other compensation or payment. Acts of god include, a fire in the farmhouse, a flooding, the sinking or being out of use of canoe, rowing boat, bikes and all other cases in which the non-performance of its obligation cannot be blamed to Droomgaerd.

Article 8 Applicable law and court
On these conditions Dutch law is applicable and any disputes can solely be presented to the competent court in Rotterdam.